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Matt Mrozowsky


15 years of managerial and sales experience in the following industries: Internal Marketing, Pharmacy, Construction, IT, Direct Sales. He gained sales experience starting from a sales representative to the function of Sales Director.

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Over 17 commercial awards for sales results, including the title of the best sales director.

Expert publicist Forbes

Leading proprietary Academies: Trader Academy, School of Sales Directors, Academy of Business Trainers, Academy of MLM Leaders

Academic lecturer at WSPiA in Lublin (sales psychology)

He trains and advises brands such as: Uniqa, Allianz, Mercedes, PhilipMorris, Danone, Scania, Wipasz, IKEA, DHL, Karcher, Ferrero, Toyota, Volkswagen, Aviko, T-mobile, Pracuj.pl, Bosch, Danone, PSA, PKP, Dr Irena Eris, Cerrad and many others.

Author of 6 books, including two bestsellers

Certified Trainer, member of the Polish Association of Business Trainers, Business Trainer of the School of Trainers, Training Course - Professional Organization Trainer

Experience is about improving (in the "business craft" training) and turning new skills into results. There is no other way here. We focus only on practical training aspects, based on the purchasing path and real examples.
It takes a lot of ambition, planning, preparation, effort, pain and passion to achieve success in any sport or business. Self-overcoming is therefore a reason for change and improvement, it is the real fuel in the results machine. We represent such a definition of training.
Achievement is a process in which change occurs. Transformation from a man who wants and wants to a man who knows and does. This is our philosophy of achievement, focused on the result of the process and not a momentary change.


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